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Mr. Katainen, do not let yourself be manipulated

By Constantin Radut
I read and reread an interview that you, Mr. Jyrki Katainen, gave to a publication in Bucharest. I also read and reread your biography. You are a young politician without experience. This is the way you have been manipulated in the interview you were happy to give to the Hotnews website.
A website set up a few years ago by individuals paid to destabilize the policy of left-wing governments in Romania.
Perhaps this is why you have agreed to be questioned by a sponsored publication of suspicious groups in Romania and abroad.
Because you are an EPP member, Mr Katainen, I do not know if you are aware of anti-system movements across Europe. The system was supported by all right-wing parties, both in Finland, Germnaia, Italy, Spain, etc. If the French "yellow vests" movement gets bigger, I do not know how you will stay in a position in Brussels or Helsinki.
But I'm not interested in your political fate. I am interested in your views on the Government of Bucharest. Which, I see, you always give him directions and guidelines. But how do you allow?
Who are you to give instructions to a sovereign government and that is not under the subordination of either the EC or any other EU institution. In the UE, there is no treaty stipulating that national governments are subordinated to the Brussels institutions.
In an interview with the Hotnews website, you said, "... if the current situation in Romania will continue, if the independence of justice and the rule of law does not improve the situation ... I'm afraid that some of the international investors may no longer invest in Romania. "
How do you allow Mr. Katainen to make such appraisals? What is the state of justice in Romania for her to "improve"? What do you know about the independence or dependence of justice in Romania. Say clearly, with examples and arguments.
You say, Mr. Katainen, that international investors will leave if the rule of law does not work well. Really? But do you know that in 2011 Nokia (your Finnish company) left Romania to sit in an Asian country. Because of the rule of law? Nokia has left 2200 people without jobs in Romania. Is this not within the rule of law?
In the Hotnews interview, you spoke about liberal democracy (but what is conservative democracy?). Violation of liberal democracy in some EU member states (including Romania) would affect the future of the European Union.
Katainen, I agree, but you see well where liberal democracy is breaking. In Romania, no. Rather in the EU states where you, the EPP, have pushed the right-wing parties to power.
Katainen, do you not think liberal democracy is in danger in Germany Mrs. Merkel, whose policy has led to an increase in the influence of far-right movements. Moreover, these far-right forces have become stronger in national parliaments in Western European countries. In Germany, in Austria, in Italy
Is not that what you, Mr Katainen worries about?
I think, first of all, these issues will have to worry you, Mr. Katainen.


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