Lenovo Romania will become Europe's largest research and development hub

By Jerom Bolt
The number of employees of the Chinese group Lenovo in Romania, the world's largest PC maker, will double next year to 250 people. The Romanian subsidiary of the Chinese giant will become the largest research and development hub of the Lenovo Data Center Group in Europe, announced Madalin Florescu, DCG Channel Sales Manager at the company. "At present, Lenovo has 125 employees in Romania, of which 25 are operating in the commercial area. We want to hire 150 programmers and IT engineers. We will become Lenovo's biggest hub in Europe, "said Florescu. In the servicing market, according to IDC data presented by Lenovo, the Chinese group has a share of about 10% in the South Eastern European countries.
In Romania, at the end of June, Lenovo's share was 12%, according to IDC, from 3-5% 2 years ago.
The server market in Romania was estimated at $ 45.6 million this year, from $ 40.9 million in 2017. IDC forecasts that this business segment will grow to $ 45.9 million in 2019, rises to $ 46.3 million in 2020 and will go down to $ 46 million in 2021.
The Chinese group Lenovo, the largest PC maker in the world, completed in September 2014 the process of taking over the $ 2.1 billion server division of US company International Business Machines (IBM).
In 2013, Lenovo exceeded Hewlett-Packard and became the largest personal computer manufacturer in the world.
In January 2015, Lenovo Romania announced that it has completed the acquisition of the x86 server division and the transition from the IBM Romania team, which resulted in the number of employees of the Chinese subsidiary's local subsidiary to 160, from 12.
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