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EU reconfiguration: The Roma-Warsaw axis is born out of euroscepticism

By Constantin Radut
Matteo Salvini's visit to Warsaw brings a cold shower to Europe. The Deputy Prime Minister of the Italian Government and the Interior Minister have long prepared the trip to Poland's favorable terrain, but now the two sides have agreed that this is the right time.
The stated purpose of the visit is that of the fight against the migration promoted by Angela Merkel for German interests and in opposition to most of the EU member states.
The observers of the Peninsula and those on the banks of the Vistula are of the opinion that Matteo Salvini is trying to attract Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the de facto leader of Polish politics over the past four years, into an anti-Merkel and anti-Macron coalition.
Lega Nord leader has made an overwhelming victory in the last parliamentary elections in Italy with his firm opposition to Brussels' conservative politics and its European populist and anti-system attitude. Jaroslaw Kaczynski is the leader of Poland's Justice and Justice Party (PiS) and is known as a right-wing, anti-German conservative and the European anti-system imposed by the Berlin-Paris axis.
The forthcoming elections to the European Parliament and Brexit's consequences on Parliament's configuration in Strasbourg are the opportunity for the two leaders to force a new European configuration.
With the UK out of the EU, the conservative group's position (of which the PiS is part) is diminishing considerably, and the group of socialists is disturbed by the slumber of the entire left European. In this context, Salvini and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, both of the avid powers and those in dispute with the couple Merkel-Macron, is trying to create a strong group in the European Parliament by unifying the European Conservatives and Reformists Group with Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy.
The new Eurosceptic group could become the second EU parliamentary group after EPP, which would create a strong reconfiguration of Member States' positions in EU institutions and the budgetary and financial policies of the bureaucracy in Brussels.
Salvini and Kaczynski already have strong support from Mrs. Marine Le Pen from France and Geert Wilders, the head of the extreme right in the Netherlands.
If we add any surprises coming from the far right in Germany and Austria, then the problem of a "new Europe" will be examined in very tight terms than it has been so far.
In Eastern Europe, Hungary's Viktor Orban will have the maneuver margin between EPP and the new Salvini-Kaczynski coalition, and the Czech Republic has no significant parity.
Romania, the seventh country as an EU population, is in great difficulty due to President Klaus Iohannis' policy without the prospect. If the Social Democrat Party (in power) does not win internal struggle with President Iohannis,then it is possible that Bucharest sends to Brussels dozens of MEPs lying out of the ideological horizon and political experience.
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