By Constantin Radut
These days, many financial agencies around the world are raising worrying figures on loans from some countries to foreign markets, to deal with domestic spending caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by poor management of national budgets.
"Investment-grade debt issuers are taking full advantage of attractive funding conditions in global emerging markets," said Rahul Ghosh, a senior vice president at Moody's, quoted by Reuters.
"However, the picture is very different for issuers lower down the credit-quality spectrum, where market access remains challenging," Ghosh said, referring to the disparity as a "two-speed recovery."
The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have issued the most debt so ... Read more »
Date: |2020-10-14|

By Edwig Ban
As always, the IMF seems more applied and pragmatic to its vision of the world economy. And this version of the World Economic Outlook (WEO) shows us a slightly stronger world than other international institutions predict.
"Historical data are updated on a continual basis as more information becomes available, and structural breaks in data are often adjusted to produce smooth series with the use of splicing and other techniques.
IMF staff estimates continue to serve as proxies for historical series when complete information is unavailable. As a result, World Economic Outlook (WEO) data can differ from those in other sources with official data, including the IMF’s International" warns us IMF in the WEO preamble.
Regarding Roman ... Read more »
Date: |2020-10-13|

By Constantin Radut
It is less than two years since lawyer Adrian Zuckerman was sent by Donald Trump as US ambassador to Bucharest. In a year and 10 months, Zuckerman managed to make the Romanian Government a doll that plays as the Trump administration sings.
The geopolitical conflict between the US and China is found in a mirror of what is happening in Bucharest. The US, through Ambassador Zuckerman, has pursued a heinous policy of subjecting the government and all Romanian institutions to American interests. This is most noticeable by eliminating large Chinese companies from the Romanian market.
First, it succeeded with Huawei, which will not have the right to participate in the auction that the Romanian state will organize for the implementation of 5G te ... Read more »
Date: |2020-10-08|

By Edwig Ban
The pressure exerted by the Trump Administration to eliminate the Chinese company Huawei from the Romanian market can have a particularly costly impact on the revenues that the state can collect. Although no decision has been made yet, the Liberal government is increasingly tipping the scales against Huawei.
Romania was the first country in the world to sign a 5G Memorandum with the United States in the middle of a trade war between the United States and China, an act aimed at eliminating the use of Chinese equipment by Huawei, accused of allowing Chinese espionage on intelligence. western IT networks. On the other hand, Romania was among the first countries in the EU to launch 5G services even with Huawei equipment. A year has passed, t ... Read more »
Date: |2020-10-05|

By Constantin Radut
Many observers and analysts in Romania wonder why the Central Bank has, in this period of health and economic crisis, no reaction, no initiative and does not send any signal on monetary-foreign exchange policies to support, in one way or another, government measures.
The explanation is simple. The National Bank of Romania (BNBR) is one of the most rigid and ankylosed institutions of this kind in Eastern Europe. Routine, mechanical activity are the main coordinates of the institution. Its governor, Mugur Isarescu, has a has a "countless" presence at the head of the institution, he is the only governor who has been in office since 1990.
Mugur Isarescu is not only a senior official at the age of old age, he is also a cont ... Read more »
Date: |2020-10-02|

By Jerom Bolt
On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the reception ceremony of the first Patriot surface-to-air missile took place at the National Air Training Training Center "Brigadier General Ion Bungescu" from Capul Midia, Constanța County.
The Minister of National Defense, Nicolae Ciucă, declared that the Patriot missile system, received on Thursday, is one of the most efficient and best air defense systems and that it will be followed by three more, which will be equipped by the Romanian Air Force, until at the end of 2022.
"The Black Sea region is of great strategic importance, not only for our country, but for the entire Euro-Atlantic area. The security of this area, marked by complex and constantly evolving challenges, is vital in ... Read more »
Date: |2020-09-17|

By Constantin Radut
For more than a month, the Republic of Belarus and the entire Baltic Sea region have been at the center of the European policy dispute. Beyond the results of the recent legislative elections, the small republic of Eastern Europe is the focal point of Poland's expansionist tendencies, on the one hand, and of Russian domination interests in the European region in the Baltic region.
The history of Belarus is one of the most tumultuous in the last century. The Marshal of Poland, Józef Klemens Piłsudski, totalitarian leader of the country during the First World War (whom no one characterizes today as a dictator, as Marshal Ion Antonescu is characterized) succeeded through his policy of achieving a confederation of states between the B ... Read more »

Date: |2020-09-14|

By Jerom Bolt
The natural gas from the Romanian perimeter of the Black Sea will reach the Romanian and the CEE market. Investors will extract 10% of the country's gas consumption from the Black Sea, starting next year, Niculae Havrileţ, secretary of state in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, said on Tuesday at the Central European Energy Forum conference and East, FOREN 2020. The conference, organized every two years, is the most important regional event hosted by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (CNR-CME).
Havrileţ did not specify the name of the company, but it is about Black Sea Oil & Gas, which announced that it will start production in the Midia offshore perimeter in the first half of 2021.
" ... Read more »
Date: |2020-09-08|

By Constantin Radut
Huawei Romania expressed its indignation at the politruk opinions of the US ambassador to Bucharest, Adrian Zuckerman, reports the entire press in Bucharest. A.Z has been writing for several weeks on the embassy's website all sorts of nonsense urging the Romanian authorities not to collaborate with Huawei for the implementation of 5G technology.
"For some time, the US Embassy in Romania has been using selective information to defame Huawei. These allegations are not new, but are based on civil disputes with other companies in the last 20 years, but which Huawei has resolved. These civil disputes have been resolved either by the parties or resolved through court proceedings, and some of them have even been dismissed by fede ... Read more »
Date: |2020-08-31|

By Constantin Radut
A discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea, announced by Turkey, about three days ago, is making waves in specialized media in Romania.
The gas reserve that Turkey boasts of discovering in the Black Sea, at great depths, at the intersection of Romanian-Bulgarian-Turkish territorial waters is just the figure that Turkey uses as propaganda in its battle to regain the prestige of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Mediterranean.
The figure of 320 billion cubic meters of gas is only in the records of the Turkish Ministry of Energy. No one can verify whether it is true or not. Moreover, for the commercial capitalization of such a quantity of gas, Turkey has no expertise and no experience. On the contrary, Romania was the pioneer of the di ... Read more »
Date: |2020-08-24|

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