By Emea Riga
The 25th biennial George Enescu Classical Music Festival and Competition, scheduled for August - September, 2021, will pay special tribute to Romania's most famous composer/musician, George Enescu.
The Festival – the greatest international cultural event organized in Romania and one of the most important of its kind worldwide – announces an exceptional musical program, sustained by 4,700 international and Romanian artists for a total duration of 4 weeks

Category: Issue of the Day | Date: |2021-09-02|

Congresul SUA a votat adoptarea de sancţiuni împotriva gazoductului rus Nord Stream 2 - Financial Intelligence
By rbj
Warsaw cries in tears. Polish diplomacy has been definitively defeated in the fight to stop the gas pipeline that Russia and Germany have designed to supply Europe with gas, bypassing Polish territory and, of course, Ukraine.
After many years of being lied to by Donald Trump, who deceived Warsaw with empty promises, the US, under the administration of Joe Biden, gave the go-ahead for the completion of the second branch of the gigantic
Category: news in Europe | Date: |2021-06-12|

Obiective turistice în București - 21 de locuri de vizitat
By Andra Beltz
The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest is among the most beautiful civil constructions in the world. The palace was ranked 37th according to a study by the British site "RoofingMegastore". He even managed to overtake the famous Parisian cathedral Notre Dame, which was ranked 46th out of 50.
But how was it possible for the Palace of Parliament to hold this position? In the study, the British used a method of analysis famous since
Category: Issue of the Day | Date: |2021-06-12|

By Andra Beltz
ATP Trucks Automobile, the Romanian company producing road transport vehicles and people, launched the ATP Bus e-UpCity electric bus on the market. It is part of a new phase of an investment of over 25 million euros started four years ago.
With an activity of over 25 years in the field of car trade and repair, ATP Group has developed its car production segment starting with 2019. Thus was born ATP Trucks, a company through which both the dump truck
Category: event&opinion | Date: |2021-05-19|

By Andra Beltz
The Covid-19 Antigen Self-Test, developed and marketed by DDS Diagnostic, is the only self-test in Romania for diagnosing Covid-19 officially validated by the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices for personal use, according to a company press release.
"DDS Diagnostic is, today, officially the first company in Romania to produce and market rapid tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19 certified by the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices for Self-Testing -
Category: Issue of the Day | Date: |2021-05-06|

By Edwig Ban
Andrei Muraru, the one proposed for the position of ambassador in the USA was in the past prosecuted for blackmail, writes He is currently a presidential advisor in the Department of Relations with Public Authorities and Civil Society.
The journalists from revealed since 2016 the fact that the District 5 Court ordered the criminal investigation on his behalf. Andrei Muraru was accused of blackmail with secret documents. He allegedly used documents stolen by his brother

Category: Issue of the Day | Date: |2021-02-27|

The work of Constantin Brâncuşi (born in Hobita, Gorj County, Romania), belongs to the world, it remains current because it is essential.
"Brâncuşi's work remains current in that it is essential. And the essences are always current. Undoubtedly, the folk, historical and protohistoric sources played a very big role in his work, not only those in our space, but also those in the space of universal art, but, above all, the way Brâncuşi knew how to transform matters. some archaicthings in some things absolutely contemporary with the age in which he did it and contemporary with us today.

Category: news in the world | Date: |2021-02-19|

By Constantin Radut
The year 2021 is an anniversary in Romania-US relations. It is 10 years since the adoption of the Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century between the two countries. If the event is celebrated, it will not be done with an ambassador to represent the Washington administration. The President Joe Biden will not have the time to nominate an ambassador and validate it by the US Senate.
It's nothing serious. The important thing is that Adrian Zuckerman,

Category: Issue of the Day | Date: |2021-02-09|

By rbj
Luxembourg plays the role of tax haven for about 55,000 phantom companies created by multinational companies and millionaires around the world, but also by mafia groups, according to an investigation published on Monday by a group of publications, including the French newspaper Le Monde, EFE reports .
Among the names mentioned on Monday by Le Monde, which will publish the 'OpenLux' survey in the form of a week-long

Category: news in Europe | Date: |2021-02-08|

By Andra Beltz
The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA) notified the company Premium Pork Romania to the National Anticorruption Directorate in connection with suspicions of committing the crime of abuse of office, of corruption and service offenses, of committing crimes against financial interests of the EU, as well as in the fight against disease.
The approach was made following epidemiological controls carried out at a unit of Premium Porc SRL Golesti, Vrancea County

Category: event&opinion | Date: |2021-02-05|

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