Brâncuşi - 145 years since birth

The work of Constantin Brâncuşi (born in Hobita, Gorj County, Romania), belongs to the world, it remains current because it is essential.
"Brâncuşi's work remains current in that it is essential. And the essences are always current. Undoubtedly, the folk, historical and protohistoric sources played a very big role in his work, not only those in our space, but also those in the space of universal art, but, above all, the way Brâncuşi knew how to transform matters. some archaic things in some things absolutely contemporary with the age in which he did it and contemporary with us today. He remains of the world. We can't confine him. It is the Romanian Brâncuşi who belongs to the world ", academician Răzvan Theodorescu declared for Agerpres.
Brâncuşi is the most important sculptor of the sublime of the 20th century. As a consequence, Brancusi's creation appears based on two major principles: sculpture is first the language of materials and then the language of form, and art is an institution of ethics, rather than aesthetics.

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