Nord Stream 2 pipeline finally defeats Polish diplomacy
Congresul SUA a votat adoptarea de sancţiuni împotriva gazoductului rus Nord Stream 2 - Financial Intelligence
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Warsaw cries in tears. Polish diplomacy has been definitively defeated in the fight to stop the gas pipeline that Russia and Germany have designed to supply Europe with gas, bypassing Polish territory and, of course, Ukraine.
After many years of being lied to by Donald Trump, who deceived Warsaw with empty promises, the US, under the administration of Joe Biden, gave the go-ahead for the completion of the second branch of the gigantic gas project.
Russia has begun preparations to fill the first of the two Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines with natural gas over the next few months, Russian group Gazprom said on Thursday.
Nord Stream 2, which crosses the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, is 1200 km long, just like the first pipeline.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week that the project was ready for pumping gas to Germany, and the final stage would be completed as the new US administration sought good relations with "key European partners".
Nord Stream 2 said on Thursday that work on the second pipeline is still ongoing. Putin said last week that Russia would complete the second pipeline in two months.
Once Nord Stream 2 is completed, it will double the annual volume of the existing route to 110 billion cubic meters.
Gas from the pipeline will be transported to different markets within the EU. It is expected that approximately one-third of the gas reaching Germany will be transported to North-Western Europe via existing hubs. The remaining gas will be supplied to central, eastern, and southern Europe and will add to the Central European Gas Hub in Baumgarten, Austria.
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