By Edwig Ban
The Economy Minister Niculae Bădălău said on Monday at the Automobile Industry Forum 2019 in Craiova that at the national level, the contribution of the automotive sector to the economy represented about 14% of GDP in 2018 and provided 27% of exports, but the Romanian industry has not been shunned by the troubles the entire European sector has undergone.
"At the national level, the car sector's contribution to the economy is major, accounting for about 14% of GDP in 2018 and providing 27% of exports. The automotive industry is not only a driver of growth and exports but also a good and stable source of earnings for almost a quarter of a million Romanians working in the automotive industry. We are not just talking about the two big colossal cars that produce in Romania, Dacia and Ford, but about 600 companies involved ... Read more »
Date: |2019-03-18|

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