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Bureaucrat Timmermans puts straw on the coal fire in Romania

By Constantin Radut
Romania has recently experienced a new drama whose protagonists were the miners from the Jiu Valley. The Jiu Valley was one of the richest areas for the extraction of underground coal used in the steel industry and in the electricity industry. Slowly, slowly the resources have been exhausted, currently only 4 mines are active, their production supplying a power plant of approximately 400 MW.
Because the government is not able to manage the problems in the coal industry (as in other sectors), the miners in the Jiu Valley have been left without wages and without bonuses for underground work. As a result, some of them got stuck in the underground and demanded the urgent settlement of the salary payment. Some of them threatened to "invade" Bucharest, as happened in the 1990s.
The problem of coal in Romania is not one of great interest, both for the energy industry and for pollution and carbon emissions.
Coal-based electricity production has a share of about 10% of electricity consumption. Although the capacities are much higher, the coal-fired power plants have remained in ruins due to the advance of renewable energies, unjustifiably supported by the governments of Bucharest.
In this context of maximum social tension in the coal sector, today, February 23, 2021, the bureaucrat Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, showsat a conference that Romania should soon come up with a plan to completely abandon the use of coal for to produce energy.
"I have to be brutally honest: coal has no future. Why is the European coal industry in trouble? For purely economic reasons, because there is no more demand for coal. It is sinking. Billions and billions of subsidies have been given that "If we were to add to that the carbon footprint of coal, we have to be honest that there is no future for coal," said Timmermans. .
It is not the first time that this evil character from the EC gives us stupid indications and lies to us without any hesitation.
If the coal industry were not needed for EU economies, then some countries would close the gates of many industrial platforms due to lack of energy.
What if Germany shut down coal-fired power plants tomorrow? Coal-based electricity production currently provides over 40% of electricity consumption in Germany. It is true that last year the federal government passed a law to eliminate electricity production by 2038.
It is of course a dream, because in 18-20 years you cannot close dozens of mines and coal-fired power plants.
Many analysts in Germany believe that the program to remove coal from the country's energy mix is an illusion. It's just that Germany knows how to shut Timmermans' mouth.
So is Poland, where the situation is even more delicate. More than 90% of coal is produced in Poland. The Warsaw government has insisted that the abolition of the coal industry, which employs tens of thousands of people, is impossible in 15-20 years, especially since Poland currently has no other energy sources, no hydraulic energy, no it has no nuclear power.
In recent years, Poland has reluctantly developed its renewable energy industry. What if the wind doesn't blow?
Frans Timmermans is responsible for the European Green Deal within the EC. The Green Deal is an EU invention that will put new obstacles in the way of the development of EU countries and the European community in general.
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