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ELI-NP Romania: The most powerful laser in the world has reached the power of 10 PW

By Andra Beltz
Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă congratulated the ELI-NP researchers team for their success in implementing one of the most important research projects in the field of nuclear physics. For the first time in the world, the High Power Laser (HPLS) project of the Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics Center marked by the power of 10 PetaWatts (PW), "the world's biggest power," last week.
According to a press release, the Government has shown that it has supported the realization of this complex project, the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) infrastructure, one of the most important European research facilities, not only because it represents a significant scientific evolution in the world but also because it is built with financial resources allocated through the European Operational Program for Regional Development, plus national funds.
"We have all the reasons to be proud of the fact that Romanian scientists, together with international specialists, have succeeded in building the world's most powerful laser." The benefits of implementing the Extreme Light Infrastructure project are multiple. practical responses in important areas such as the replacement of expensive energy technologies or the research of revolutionary medical methods. I congratulate the ELI-NP team of researchers and assure them of the full support of the Government, "said Viorica Dăncilă, quoted in the press release.
The Romanian component of the ELI Project is focused on the field of nuclear physics (ELI-NP) and is being built at Magurele at the Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering - Horia Hulubei (IFIN-HH), the source quoted.
"The system, which was installed in the ELI-NP building in September 2016, was in the final test procedure, reaching the proposed power of 10 PW, the world's largest power, at the moment. Nobel for Physics, Professor Gerard Mourou, publicly underlined the major role that the construction of this system in Romania has contributed to granting this distinction, "the press release said.
According to the same source, the Government, through the Ministry of Research and Innovation, closely followed the implementation of the ELI-NP project, providing all the necessary support for its optimal completion in order to achieve all the undertaken objectives.
This special success - the most powerful laser in the world - will be marked on Wednesday at an event organized at ELI-NP Magurele, the press release says.
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