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Romania ranks 8th among European car manufacturers, ahead of Hungary and Poland

By Edwig Ban
Romania was last year on the eighth place in EU production of cars, surpassing Poland and Hungary, according to a report by The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA).
The eighth place in the top European builders was predictable, as The Romanian Businress Journal showed in a previous article. This is because Ford Craiova has grown three times over 2017, and Dacia Renault had a 7% higher production.
In 2018, almost 477,000 cars were assembled in the two car plants in Romania, up 31% from 2017. This is the largest increase in local production over the last ten years.
Gabriel Sicoe, President of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Romania (ACAROM), says that the dynamics of the car industry in the Central and Eastern European countries will be rising in the coming years.
"In 2021 Romania will reach 650,000 - 670,000 cars produced annually, due to the increase in production capacity at Dacia and the production at Ford Craiova, with the entry into production of the second model. Even with a third builder, production will not be influenced over the next 2-3 years, "said Gabriel Sicoe. He says that with regard to Poland, production will remain until 2021 at a level similar to the current one, with fluctuations in the four assembly plants. On the other hand, Poland produces many commercial vehicles and components. In Romania, the only commercial products are modified Duster versions and Roman trucks ".
Germany is the largest manufacturer with 4.9 million cars and Spain is second with 2.1 million. The Czech Republic is five, with a record of more than 1.4 million cars, and Hungary and Poland have "fallen" in nine places. respectively ten.
In commercial vehicles, EU production increased by 3% to 2.8 million units.
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