The cheapest surgical masks in Europe are made in Romania

By Andra Beltz
The monthly production capacity for surgical masks announced by the Romanian manufacturer Techtex is currently 15 million pieces. The company demands a price that can be below 0.6 lei / piece, at a purchase of over 10 million copies, ie one of the lowest prices among European producers.
"We produce protective equipment from granules, to nonwovens, to masks, gowns, coveralls, capes and boots. The main raw material is polypropylene, which we buy in the form of granules from local manufacturers. From it we make nonwovens, which is the basis for all medical protection and personal hygiene equipment.This month we will also install the filter material production line, Techtex becoming the first Romanian company to produce this material.Thus, we will manufacture here in the country, absolutely all the necessary materials This means that we will be able to offer the best price on the Romanian market for safe surgical masks, tested and approved by the specialists of the Ministry of National Defense.We inform the Romanian public authorities that, at the existing production capacity, we can offer a price per type IIR surgical mask under 0.6 lei / piece, at a purchase of over 10 million masks ", ad clarified Ioan Filip, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taparo, member of the Supervisory Board of Techtex.
At present, Techtex produces 15 million surgical masks / month and is continuously increasing its production capacity, so that, from August, with the installation of a new automated technological line, it will be able to achieve 30 million surgical masks / month.
The Techtex representatives claim that the surgical masks produced by the Romanian factory ensure a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%, above the regulations of the European Economic Area, but it also has resistance to splashing, an important advantage in terms of preventing COVID-19 infection.
"Due to these advantages, following the tests performed by the specialists of the Medical-Military Scientific Research Center of the Romanian Ministry of Defense, the surgical mask produced by Techtex was classified type IIR, being considered the most performing surgical mask, according to the international classification", it is mentioned. in the quoted communiqué.
Techtex was established in October 2017 and is a member of the Taparo Group. Techtex is the first Romanian company to produce protective equipment, as well as the only producer of polypropylene nonwoven material in Romania.
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